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Assessment in Early Years

At the Rainbow Education Multi Academy Trust, assessment is an integral part of our Early Years settings. We adopt a holistic approach in understanding the needs of each and every child. Observation, assessment and planning go hand in hand with our daily interactions. We assess how children use and apply their knowledge and skills within adult-led activities, independently and within their peer group.

We work closely with parents and carers to gain an understanding of the whole child both inside and outside of school. This knowledge then informs the planning and support that we provide for your child.

As each child comes to the end of their early years journey, parents and carers will be informed as to whether their child has met the expected standard within the 7 areas of learning, and achieved a Good Level of Development. This information will then support their transition onto the National Curriculum.


We use a range of tools to evidence children’s progress and inform our judgements.

Floor books


Key Person Observations




Mark-Making Journals


Maths Journals


Work Books


Social Media (Instagram, X)


Learning Displays